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Страница 12 из 48
2. G1/2 diameter pipes are used to connect the water heater to the water
3. To prevent a leakage when connecting pipes, use rubber sealing gaskets
on the threaded pipe ends.
4. Screw a relief valve to the inlet nozzle, marked blue and embossed arrow
of the water flow direction, so that the water flow direction coincides with
direction of the arrow on the valve's case.
Do not mount additional accessories, such as a shut-off valve, between
the relief valve and the inlet nozzle.
5. Water heater with the mounted valve must be connected to the water
main ± install a shut-off valve at the water inlet point. You need to connect a
drain pipe to the opening of the pressure relief of safety valve. Next you
should put a drain pipe to the sewer.
6. Connect the desired number of consumption points to the outlet nozzle,
marked red.
7. Check leak integrity of joints: open the shut-off cock and one of the cock
assemblies. After the tank is filled with water, as evidenced by issue of
water from the cock assembly, shut the cock assembly and check the leak
integrity of all joints.
If water in the installation location contains a large amount of
calcium, manganese or iron salts, then IT IS NECESSARY to mount a
respective filter in the delivery system to reduce the amount of scale
generated in the tank and on the heating element.
Connection to electric main
Prior to connecting the tank water heater, make sure that the water
heater is properly grounded. Proper grounding is important to
minimize electric shocks and risk of fire. The power cord is equipped
with a plug with a grounding pin. The appliance must be used with a
properly grounded power outlet. If the outlet, you are intending to
use, is not properly grounded or grounded by a time-delay fuse or a
circuit breaker, contact a qualified electrician to install a proper
1. The water heater is designed to be connected to 230V single-phase
electric main. Prior to connecting make sure that parameters of the electric
main in the place of connection correspond to parameters, specified on
the identification plate with technical parameters of the appliance. You
should follow the current electrical safety code when installing the water
2. The power outlet must be properly grounded. The outlet must be
designed for rated current not less than 10A. The power outlet and plug
must always be dry to prevent current leakage. Regularly check if the
power plug is tightly connected to the outlet. Do it in the following order:
insert the power plug into the outlet, switch off the water heater after half-
hour operation and unplug the cord, check if the plug is heated by your
hand. If the plug is heated over 50°C, then to prevent damages, accidents
and fire as a result of bad electrical contact, replace the outlet with a new
one. A specialist must do this.
3. Power cord of the appliance is a single unit with GFCI (Ground Fault
Circuit Interrupter).
Electric socket should be no lower, than 10A, power card with copper inner
part, cross-section of copper should be not less, than 3x1,5 mm
Electric plug has combined with GFCI.
storage water
Wall outlet should be rated on voltage not lower than
main cabel with cooper section not lesser then
plug of
the device corresponds one block with GFCI
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