TIMBERK FS6 скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации (Страница 20 из 48)

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Страница 20 из 48
1. Check the power plug and outlet as often as possible. Secure electrical
contact and also proper grounding must be provided. The plug and outlet
must not heat excessively.
2. If the water heater is not used for a long time, especially in regions with
low air temperature (below 0°C), it is necessary to drain water from the
heater .
3. To ensure long reliable water heater operation, it is recommended to
regularly clean the internal tank and remove deposits on the electric
heating element of the water heater, as well as check condition of the
magnesium anode and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.
The manufacturer provides an extended guarantee for particular
water heater components provided that timely and proper routine
maintenance is performed by specialists of an authorized service
center (see the guarantee card).
4. Preventive operations must be performed upon strict observance of the
operation manual and safety precautions.
5. The water heater is equipped with a thermal switch, which cuts off
power supply of the heating element upon water overheating or its
absence in the water heater. If the water heater is connected to the mains,
but water is not heated and the indicator doesn't light up, then the thermal
switch was switched off or not switched on. To reset the water heater to the
operating condition, it is necessary to:
- de-energize the water heater, remove the plate of the side / lower cover
for horizontal-type/vertical-type water heater respectively.
- for FS2/FS6/FE2 series horizontal-type water heaters: press the button,
located in the center of the thermal switch, placed near the heating
element (with a round shape), until it clicks, Fig.16;
- for FS1/FS5/FE1 series vertical-type water heaters: unscrew retaining nut
of the thermal switch, fastened on the flange of the heating element, turn
the thermal switch and press the button, located in the center of the
thermal switch, until it clicks; Fig. 17;
- if the button is not pressed and there is no clicking, then you should wait
until the thermal switch cools down to the initial temperature.
storage water
If these actions had no positive result or the thermal switch turns off
repeatedly during a short period of time, then you should de-
energize the water heater, cut off water supply and contact your
local Timberk Authorized Service Center for a consult or repair of
the appliance.
6. To drain water from the internal tank properly, you need to use the drain
hole (only for FS2/FS6/FE2 line) (it is necessary to unscrew a plug, covering
the drain hole), water can also be drained through a composite relief valve
(Fig. 16) (unscrew the composite relief valve drain knob screw and set the
drain knob to the upper position, at that hot water tap must be open, and
cold water supply valve must be closed).
8. If necessary, wipe external surfaces of the heater by a damp cloth with
7. Bear in mind to check serviceability of the relief valve every 14 days ±
inspection method:
- turn the discharge lever to the left up until you feel the change of
thread, then water must start flowing from the valve's hole. After
checking the water flow, return the lever to its initial position.
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