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the water heater through electrical extenders.
5. It is forbidden to switch on the water heater if it is not filled with water or
if water cannot go through a pressure safety valve.
6. Never use the water heater if it is broken.
7. Do not remove the water heater cover when it is in operation.
8. Immediately unplug the water heater from electrical main if strange
sounds, odor or smoke are coming from it.
9. Always unplug the water heater from electrical main during a
10. Prior to cleaning and maintenance of the water heater unplug it from
electrical main. Cleaning and maintenance must be performed in
compliance with instructions of this operation manual.
11. Do not use hazardous chemical substances to clean the water heater
and prevent their contact with the appliance.
12. To prevent electrical shock the damaged power cord must be replaced
only in manufacturer's authorized service centers by qualified specialists.
13. To prevent electrical shock do not place the power cord nearby heating
devices and flammables or combustibles.
14. Do not press buttons on the control panel of the water heater and its
remote controller (for some models) otherwise but by your fingers.
15. Since temperature of water in the water heater can reach
75°C, when
it is in operation you should not place your body parts under hot water at
the first run.
To prevent burns you should adjust the temperature of the discharging
16. Do not use the water heater for purposes not specified by this
operation manual.
17. Do not use the water heater in an explosive or corrosive environment.
Do not store gas and other volatile flammable liquids next to the appliance
± it is very dangerous!
18. It is forbidden to make alterations in the design of the water heater or
modify it.
19. Any service operations must be performed by a specialized
organisation and qualified specialists. Improper installation may cause
voiding of guarantee maintenance.
20. The water heater is not intended for use by children and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or a lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by an individual responsible for their
safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Completely automatic control: automatic water heating, continuous
automatic water temperature control.
3D Logic® three-stage protection system:
DROP Defense
± leakage protection and protection against surplus
pressure within a tank (pressure safety valve).
SHOCK Defense
± current leakage protection (GFCI is built in the plug of
appliance's power cord).
HOT Defense
± two-stage overheating protection (thermostat or
temperature sensor and thermo switcher).
3. Pipes of heating elements are designed taking into account high heat
load: safe and reliable, with an increased service life.
4. NON CFC urethane foam insulation of increased thickness: excellent heat
insulation that allows to efficiently retain accumulated heat and save
5. Temperature controller: accurate and reliable water temperature control.
6. In water heater series FE
steel internal tank with a special titanium fine
glass enamel coating, applied by the modern electrostatic dry enameling
method, is resistant to corrosion and scale. Also enamel has an increased
adhesive capability and high ductility (hardened at 850°C), which allows it
to expand and contract at temperature drops in the same ratio as the
internal tank walls not generating microcracks, where corrosion may
In water heater series FS
internal tanks and all internal components are
made out of SUS 304 stainless steel with walls 1.2 mm thick.
7. The water heater is equipped with an anode bar to protect the internal
tank from corrosion and decrease scale generation on the heating
storage water
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