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www.timberk.com • electrical storage water heater
www.timberk.com • electrical storage water heater
Control panel of FSM3/FSM4series
1. Thermostat handle
Please, use this handle to set the desired temperature of water. Turning the
knob in a clockwise direction you increase temperature of water.
2. Heating mode switcher
» - means OFF position. Turning the knob in a clockwise direction you
increase power from 800W up to 2000W
3. Indicators lighting
If light are blue it means the water heater works, but heating element is
off. If lights are blue and red simultaneously
it means the heating element
heats a water inside tank.
Water heater operation (FSM3/FSM4 series)
1. Switching on
1.1 At first, open one of the hot water outlet valves, then open the cold
water supply valve. The electric water heater will start filling with water.
When water flows from the hot tap freely, it means the water heater is fully
filled with water and you can close the hot water outlet valve.
Connection to electric main
Prior to connecting the tank water heater, make sure
that the water heater is properly grounded. Proper
grounding is important to minimize electric shocks
and risk of fire. The power cord is equipped with a plug
with a grounding pin. The appliance must be used
with a properly grounded power outlet. If the outlet,
you are intending to use, is not properly grounded or
grounded by a time-delay fuse or a circuit breaker,
contact a qualified electrician to install a proper outlet.
To provide reliable operation and safe use of the
water heater, prior to the first run check if it is properly
connected to the 230V AC mains. The water heater to
be connected must be securely linked with the earth
circuit of your electric mains. If the water heater is
not grounded, then in case of a short circuit GFCI,
supplied with the heater, may not operate. It is
Wall outlet should be rated on voltage not lower than
10А, electric main cabel with cooper section not
lesser then 3х1,5 mm
(for cooper).
plug of
the device corresponds one block
with GFCI.
1. The water heater is designed to be connected to 230V single-phase
electric main. Prior to connecting make sure that parameters of the electric
main in the place of connection correspond to parameters, specified on the
identification plate with technical parameters of the appliance. You should
follow the current electrical safety code when installing the water heater.
2. The power outlet must be properly grounded. The outlet must be
designed for rated current not less than 10A. The power outlet and plug
must always be dry to prevent current leakage. Regularly check if the
power plug is tightly connected to the outlet. Do it in the following order:
insert the power plug into the outlet, switch off the water heater after half-
hour operation and unplug the cord, check if the plug is heated by your
hand. If the plug is heated over 50°C, then to prevent damages, accidents
and fire as a result of bad electrical contact, replace the outlet with a new
one. A specialist must do this.
3. Power cord of the appliance is a single unit with GFCI (Ground Fault
Circuit Interrupter).
GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) (Fig. 9)
1. Connect the cable to the mains, indicator (1) will light up.
2. Press button (2) for testing, voltage will be cut off, indicator (1) will light
down and restart button (3) will go upwards.
3. Press button (3) to restart the appliance, voltage will be restored and
indicator (1) will light up.
Electric socket should be no lower, than 10A, power card with copper inner
part, cross-section of copper should be not less, than 3x1,5 mm
Electric plug has combined with GFCI.
- if pressing test button (2) voltage is not cut off and/or
indicator (1) continues to be lighted, it means that GFCI
safety device is not operating properly.
- if pressing restart button (3) voltage is not restored
and/or indicator (1) doesn’t light up, it means that the
water heater is not operating properly. In both cases
disconnect the water heater and call the service center.
- to reduce the risk of an electric shock, do not
disassemble, remove or fill liquid in this appliance.
Fig. 9
If water in the installation location contains a large
amount of calcium, manganese or iron salts, then
IT IS NECESSARY to mount a respective filter in
the delivery system to reduce the amount of scale
generated in the tank and on the heating element.
Fig. 10
1.2 Plug the power cord into the outlet, GFCI light must be on and blue light
at control panel must be on.
2. Water heating mode setting
To set required mode, please, rotate heating mode setting knob to one of
position mentioned below:
- «
» - save mode (800 W). In this mode when heating element is on – left
red control panel light is on
- «
» - medium heating mode (1200W).
In this mode when heating
element is on – right red control panel light is on
- «
» - maximum capacity heating mode (2000 W).
In this mode when
heating element is on – both right and left red control panel lights are on.
3. Water heating temperature setting.
3.1. Temperature can be set within the range 35°С-75°С, in increments
of 1°С.
3.2.To increase water temperature please rotate handle clockwise
3.3. To decrease water temperature please rotate handle counterclockwise
3.4. The water heater automatically maintains water temperature. When
water temperature in the water heater reaches the set temperature, the
heating element is automatically switched off.
When water temperature
in the water heater drops to a certain level, the heating is automatically
switched on.
During normal operation the cold water supply valve
must be set “open”.