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Страница 9 из 70
Power shot button
Temperature selector
Temperature pilot light
Textile Protector Plus
(only with 6595/6591 models)
Before starting off
This iron is designed for ta
p water.
If you
have extremely hard water, we recommend
to use a mixture of 50% tap water and
50% distilled water. Fill the water tank to
«max» marking. Never use distilled water
exclusively. Do not add any additives
(e.g. starch).
Keep the iron in the upright position and
connect it to the mains. Select the tem-
perature according to the ironing guide on
the heel rest of the iron or on the label in
your garments.
The temperature pilot light (7) goes off,
when the desired temperature is reached
(after approx. 1 minute).
C Ironing
1 Steam on/off
For steam ironing, the temperature selector
(6) must be set within the red ran
Press the steam button (3) to start the
steam mode.
steam on
steam off
With the steam button in its upper position
(steam on), turn
the steam regulator (3a) to
adjust the steam quantity.
We recommend a medium steam setting
for all normal ironing. Only when ironing
linen, thick cotton or similar fabrics we
recommend the maximum steam setting.
Steam develops also horizontally at the
front area of the sole plate. This precondi-
tions the textiles by «pre-steaming», thus
making ironing easier.
Be careful – steam comes out laterally.
2 Power shot
Prior to use, press the power shot button
(5) 3 to 4 times to activate it. Press the
power shot button in intervals of at least
5 seconds.
Power shot can be activated when dry
ironing. However, the temperature selector
has to be set in the range between «•••»
and «
». The power shot function can
also be used in the vertical position for
steaming hanging clothes.
Spray function
Press the spray button (4).
Dry ironing
Turn the steam mode off by pressing the
steam button (3) so that it catches in the
lower position.
Automatic shut-off
(model 6595 only)
The auto-off mechanism causes a slight
rattling noise during ironing. This is
and in no case indicates a fault of the iron.
The temperature pilot light (7) will flash
when the automatic shut-off is activated.
This happens when the iron has rested …
– horizontally
on its sole plate for about
30 seconds
– vertically
on its heel rest for about
8/15 minutes.
To turn on the iron again, just move it.
When the temperature pilot light stops
flashing, the electrical power is on again.
The automatic shut-off will be activated
approximately 2 minutes after the iron is
plugged into a socket.
Textile Protector Plus
(model 6595/6591 only)
Before attaching the Textile Protector (8) for
the first time, iron approximately 2 minutes
without the Textile Protector.
The Braun Textile Protector protects
delicate fabrics from heat damage and
makes it possible to iron most dark fabrics
without an intermediate cloth. To check the
reaction of your fabrics before you start
ironing, we recommend that you iron a
small section of material on the reverse
side. With the Protector, you are able to iron
delicate fabrics with the temperature setting
«•••» or «
», so that you can use all
steam functions your iron offers.
After having attached the Textile Protector,
wait about 1
minutes before you start
ironing. Always store your iron with the
Textile Protector detached.
After ironing
Unplug the iron and press the steam on/off
button (3) so that it catches in its lower
position (steam off).
To prolong the life of the iron, empty the
water tank.
Store the cool iron in a dry place always
standing on its heel rest.
Maintenance and cleaning
To clean the sole plate, use steel wool.
Then wipe the sole plate clean with a cloth.
Never use a scourin
pad, vine
gar nor
other chemicals
. To clean the soft material
of handle and power shot and spray
buttons, use soapy water.