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Страница 9 из 86
Our products are engineered to meet the
highest standards of quality, functionality and
design. We hope you enjoy your new Braun
steam iron.
Important Safeguards
Before using the iron, read the use
instructions completely. Keep the use
instructions during the entire life of the
Make sure your voltage corresponds to
the voltage printed on the iron.
Caution: Due to the high power of this
steam iron please make sure that your
mains supply is sufficient. Please contact
your local electric power company to
make sure that the so called mains
impedance is not higher than 0.31 Ohm.
Always unplug the iron before filling with
water. Always pull the plug, not the cord.
The cord should never come in contact
with hot objects or the sole plate.
Never immerse the iron in water or other
The iron must be used and rested on a
stable surface.
During ironing pauses, always place the
iron upright on its heel rest and ensure
that the heel rest is placed on a stable
The iron must not be left unattended while
it is connected to the mains supply.
This appliance is not intended for use by
children or persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, unless
they are given supervision by a person
responsible for their safety. In general, we
recommend that you keep the appliance
out of reach of children. Children should
be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance.
Keep the iron away from children,
especially when using the precision shot
Electric irons combine high temperatures
and hot steam that could lead to burns.
Never iron or dampen clothes while
wearing them.
The iron is not to be used if it has
dropped, if there are visible signs of
damage or if it is leaking. Regularly check
the cord for damage.
If the appliance (including cord) shows
any defect, stop using it and take it to a
Braun Service Centre for repair. Faulty
or unqualified repair work may cause
accidents or injury to the user. Braun
electric appliances meet applicable safety
Preconditioning nozzles
Spray nozzle
Water tank opening
Precision shot button
Spray button
Steam regulator
7 Temperature selector
8 Temperature pilot light
«auto-off» light (only with 780 and 770
10 Heel rest
11 Textile Protector (only with 780, 770 and
760 models)
12 Soft Textile Protector (only with 780 model)
B Before starting off
This iron is designed for tap water. If you
have extremely hard water, we recom-
mend that you use a mixture of 50 % tap
water and 50 % distilled water. Fill the
water tank to «max» marking. Never use
distilled water exclusively. Do not add
any additives (e.g. starch). Do not use
condensation water from a tumble dryer.
Before filling with water, turn off the steam
regulator (6) («0» = steam off).
Holding the iron slightly inclined (as shown
in B), fill the water tank up to the «max»
Place the iron upright on its heel rest and
connect it to the mains.
Select the temperature according to the
ironing guide on the heel rest of the iron or
on the label in your garments.
The pilot light (8) goes off when the
desired temperature is reached (after
approx. 1 1/2 min.).
C Ironing
Vario steam
You can select the steam quantity by
turning the steam regulator (6) in a range
from «0» to «6».
The temperature selector (7) has to be set
within the red range.
We recommend a medium steam setting
for all normal ironing. Only when ironing
linen, thick cotton or similar fabrics we
recommend the maximum steam setting.
Notice: While ironing, do not turn the
steam regulator beyond setting «6».
Vario plus steam
For extra steam, press the steam regulator
(6) for max. 30 seconds.
The temperature selector (7) has to be set
within the solid red range.
Precision shot
Prior to use, press the precision shot
button (4) 3 to 4 times to activate it.
Press the precision shot button in inter-
vals of at least 5 seconds for a powerful
steam shot with preconditioning steam.
Precision shot can be activated when
dry ironing. However, the temperature
selector has to be within the solid red
The precision shot function can also be
used in the vertical position for steaming
hanging clothes.