MARTA MT-1145 скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации (Страница 12 из 47)

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Страница 12 из 47
Make sure that there is enough water in the water tank.
Stand the steam iron on its heel rest in an upright position on an iron-safe surface and plug it in.
Set the maximum temperature.
Switch-on the steam control, setting steam control switch
Press the steam button
Hold the steam button pressing not more than 5 seconds to avoid hot liquid leakage.
A special resin filter inside the water reservoir softens the water and prevents scale build-up in the plate. The resin filter is permanent and does not need replacing.
NOTE: Use tap water only. Distilled water makes the anti-calc system ineffective by altering its physicochemical characteristics.
Do not use chemical additives, scented substances or decalcifiers.
With the anti-drip system, you can perfectly iron even the most delicate fabrics.
Always iron these fabrics at low temperatures. The plate may cool down to the point where no more steam comes out, but rather drops of boiling water that can leave marks or stains. In
these cases, the Anti-drip system automatically activates to prevent vaporization, so that you can iron the most delicate fabrics without risk of spoiling or staining them.
Before cleaning the steam iron ensure it is unplugged from the power supply and has completely cooled down.
Clean the exterior with a damp cloth and wipe dry.
Do not use abrasive cleaners.
It is important to apply the self-cleaning function at least every two weeks to remove impurities, etc.
The harder the water the more the iron should be self-cleaned.
Fill the water reservoir up to the “МАX” position.
- Stand the iron on its rear side.
- Set the maximum temperature by thermoregulator and turn Steam control switch
for Self-clean
- Insert the main plug into the wall socket.
- Allow the iron to heat up until the light indicator is off.
- Hold the iron horizontally over the sink . * For the model MT-1145 push and hold Self-clean button.
Boiling water and steam will now be ejected from the holes in the soleplate. Impurities are washed with it. Move the iron forwards and backwards while this happened.
Set the steam control switch to the „„0‟‟ position when the water reservoir has become e
Repeat self-cleaning if you notice that much impurity or others has been washed out.
Move the iron over a (preferably) old piece of cloth. This to ensure that the soleplate will be dry during storage.
Unplug and allow the iron to cool down before storing it.
Make sure that the soleplate is completely dry before storing it.
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