Philips GC 4870/02 скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации (Страница 15 из 294)

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Страница 15 из 294
Drip sTOp
This iron is equipped with a drip-stop function: the
iron automatically stops producing steam when
the temperature is too low, to prevent water from
dripping out of the soleplate. When this happens,
you may hear a sound.
aUTOmATic sHUT-Off fUNcTiON (specific TYpes
The automatic shut-off function automatically
switches off the iron if it has not been moved for a
The red auto-off light flashes to indicate that
the iron has been switched off by the automatic
shut-off function.
To let the iron heat up again:
Pick up the iron or move it slightly.
The red auto-off light goes out.
If the temperature of the soleplate has dropped
below the set ironing temperature, the amber
temperature light goes on.
If the amber temperature light goes on after
you have moved the iron, wait for it to go out
before you start ironing.
Note: If the amber temperature light does not go on
after you move the iron, the soleplate still has the right
temperature and the iron is ready for use.
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