Philips GC4872/60 Azur скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации (Страница 11 из 194)

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Страница 11 из 194
Vertical steam boost
You can also use the steam boost function when you hold the iron in
vertical position.
This is useful for removing creases from hanging clothes, curtains etc.
Never direct the steam at people.
Drip stop
This iron is equipped with a drip-stop function: the iron automatically stops
producing steam when the temperature is too low, to prevent water from
dripping out of the soleplate. When this happens, you may hear a sound.
Automatic shut-off function (specific types only)
The automatic shut-off function automatically switches off the iron if it has
not been moved for a while.
The red auto-off light flashes to indicate that the iron has been
switched off by the automatic shut-off function.
To let the iron heat up again:
Pick up the iron or move it slightly.
The red auto-off light goes out.
If the temperature of the soleplate has dropped below the set
ironing temperature, the amber temperature light goes on.
If the amber temperature light goes on after you have moved the
iron, wait for it to go out before you start ironing.
Note: If the amber temperature light does not go on after you move the iron,
the soleplate still has the right temperature and the iron is ready for use.
Cleaning and maintenance
Set the steam control to position 0, remove the plug from the wall
socket and let the iron cool down.
Wipe flakes and any other deposits off the soleplate with a damp
cloth and a non-abrasive (liquid) cleaning agent.
To keep the soleplate smooth, avoid hard contact with metal objects.
Never use a scouring pad, vinegar or other chemicals to clean the
Clean the upper part of the iron with a damp cloth.
Regularly rinse the water tank with water. Empty the water tank
after you have rinsed it.