Whirlpool AMW 505 IX скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации (Страница 8 из 24)

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Страница 8 из 24
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After unpacking the appliance, make sure that it has not been damaged during transport and that the
appliance door closes properly.
In the event of problems, contact the dealer or the nearest After-sales Service.
To prevent any damage, only remove the appliance from its polystyrene foam base at the time of installation.
Read all the safety recommendations at pages 2, 3, 4, 5 before installing the appliance.
Follow the mounting instructions at page I when installing the appliance.
Check that the voltage on the rating plate corresponds to the voltage in the home.
Do not remove the microwave inlet protection plates located on the side of the microwave oven cavity
wall. They prevent grease & food particles from entering the microwave inlet channels.
Ensure the microwave oven cavity is empty before mounting.
Ensure that the appliance is not damaged. Check that the microwave oven door closes firmly against the
door support and that the internal door seal is not damaged. Empty the microwave oven and clean the
interior with a soft, damp cloth.
Do not operate this appliance if it has a damaged mains cord, if it is not working properly, or if it has been
damaged or dropped. Do not immerse the mains cord in water. Keep the cord away from hot surfaces.
Electrical shock, fire or other hazards may result.
If the power supply cord is too short, have a qualified electrician or serviceman installer an outlet near the
The power supply cord must be long enough for connecting the appliance, once fitting in its housing, to
the main power supply.
For installation to comply with current safety regulations, an all±pole disconnect switch with minimum
contact gap of 3 mm must be utilized.
The appliance can be operated only if the microwave oven door is firmly closed.
The earthing of this appliance is compulsory. The manufacturer will accept no responsibility for injury to
persons, animals or damage to objects arising from the non±observance of this requirement.
The manufacturers are not liable for any problems caused by the user’s failure to observe these
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