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The heater is intended for application in small and medium-
size rooms in which the permanent heating system is
necessary. In the heater’s incineration chamber, fuel is burnt
and hot exhaust fumes which flow through the ducts of the hot
air exchanger, are produced. The exchanger is fanned with air,
which is heated from its surface. The incineration chamber and
the hot air exchanger are constructed in such a way that the air
fanning the exchanger is not mixed with exhaust fumes. Owing
to this we obtain clean hot air. The cooled exhaust fumes are
discharged outside through the exhaust fume outlet which
must be connected with the chimney. The chimney must be big
enough to ensure correct and effective discharge of exhaust
The heater is equipped with a special fan burner. While using
it, observe all the local regulations and requirements. Apart
from this, remember:
• to read the operating manual accurately before the
installation and operation of the heater, and strictly observe the
recommendations included in it.
• to use the heater only at places, where there are no
inflammable materials.
• to ensure easy access to the fire-fighting equipment for
persons operating the air water heater.
• to use the heater only at places which are well aired.
• to place the heater on an even, horizontal and hardened
• to check the heater before starting it and to regularly check it
during operation.
• to keep the children and animals away from the heater.
• to always switch off the heater from power supply when it is
not used.
• to not connect the heater to a different burner and to not
increase the efficiency of the burner above the maximum
heating power, which is specified in the technical specification
and on the rated plate.
• to not block the air inlet and outlet, as it could lead to
overloading the fan motor and in consequence, to overheating
the device.
The heater is equipped with three protection devices, which
are started in the case of serious irregularities in the operation
of the heater:
• Thermostat protecting against overheating (TSS):
switches off the burner when the air flow is insufficient for
cooling the incineration chamber, after the chamber is cooled
off, the thermostat switches on the burner again.
• Thermostat protecting against overheating (TS) which is reset
manually: it becomes operable when
the temperature of the incineration chamber increases above
the set maximum value (this value is higher from the TSS
thermostat), in the case of operation of the thermostat, the
control lamp (9) will be switched on and the heater will stop
• The thermal relay (RT): is started when the fan motor begins
to consumer power exceeding the permissible maximum value.
The control lamp (10) is lighted and the air water heater stops
On the other hand, the burner is equipped with a photocell
which cuts off the fuel inflow in the case of flame decay. Then
the reset lamp, which is located in the motor housing is lighted.
If any of these protecting devices started to operate, before the
heater is switched on again, it is necessary to determine the
cause and remove it (see NOTICED DEFECTS, CAUSES
Each heater is supplied as a set with control and protection
devices, which are necessary for its proper functioning. The
distribution board, the burner and the fan thermostat and the
overheat protection thermostats have already been connected.
Perform the following activities:
• Connect the heater to the electrical socket. Table 1 provides
information concerning the supply voltage.
• Connect the auxiliary equipment (accessories) such as:
room thermostat or controller, to the distribution board (socket
No. 8).
Check the setting of the fan thermostat (TV). It should be set to
When the heater is started for the first time, measure whether
the heater does not consume more power than the permissible
maximum value. The value is specified in the technical
specification and on the rated plate. Also, check whether the
fan blades turn in accordance with the direction specified on
the fan by means of an arrow.
When the improper operation of the burner is discovered,
adjust it acting in accordance with the recommendations of the
”burner operating manual”.
The cup distributing the hot air (Fig. 1) may be mounted on the
heater as an auxiliary accessory. The cup has four inlet
openings, two of which may be blocked with covers (1,2)
screwed up to the cup housing by means of tapping screws.
WARNING: The heater should be connected to the earthed
electrical socket, secured with the differential-current
WARNING: The works listed below may be performed
by a qualified employee of an authorised technical
service exclusively.
WARNING: The heater should be connected to the
earthed electrical socket, secured by a differential-
current switch.
WARNING: It is allowed to use burners selected and
supplied by the manufacturer exclusively. In the case of
application of a different type of a burner, there is a
probability that the safety requirements will not be
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