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Set both switches to position "0".
Check the setting of the ‘reset’ button of the
overheating thermostat (9) on the side of the fan
Check whether the supply voltage corresponds to the
voltage given on the rating plate, and then put the plug
into a socket.
Open the fuel tank cover and fill it up with oil or oil
mixture. The tank may be filled up to the half of the inlet
filter height (40).
Maintain the necessary precautions while filling up the
tank. The oil may not be spilled beyond the filter area,
and the tank may not be overfilled.
The full fuel tank should suffice for about 16 hours of
operation at maximum thermal power.
If needed, discharge water from the fuel tank and clean
the inflow filter. The ball valve (39) is located on the
side of the tank.
Open the top cover (4).
Remove the cover of the incineration chamber and take
out rings from it. Check whether the burner plate is cool
and clean, then pour about 180 ml (one small cup) of
diesel oil onto the combustion dish (22).
In order to set the oil on fire, crumple paper into a small
ball, light it up and throw it onto the incineration plate.
Do not light the furnace again, when the chamber or the
incineration plate is still hot!
Put the ring and cylinder back inside, place the cover of
the incineration chamber and close the top cover (4).
Wait for 5 minutes, until the incineration chamber is
initially heated.
Set both switches to position ”I”.
When the chamber is sufficiently heated, the fuel pump
and the fan will be started. Apart from this, the control
lamp informing about the operation of the pump will be
lighted. The pump will operate in cycles, therefore, the
lamp will be switched on and off once in several
dozens of seconds.
After 20-30 minutes, change the setting of switch (67)
to position ”II”. The furnace will then operate with
greater heating efficiency.
The fan will start its operation automatically, when the
furnace reaches an adequate temperature.
Set switch (67) in position “0”. Then the fuel pump will
After the furnace cools off (10-30 minutes) the fan will
switch off automatically. Then set switch (49) in position
Do not ever set switch (49) in position ”0” and take out
the plug from the socket before the furnace cools off
If the connector conduit (59) is polluted, the oil will return
to the tank in front of the device, by means of the
overflow conduit (60).
The fuel pipes must be cleaned or replaced, if they are
burnt or damaged.
Clean the furnace everyday, maximum every 10 hours of
the device’s performance.
To perform cleaning, the tank may be taken out.
Protect the inside walls of the incineration chamber from
making them dirty with soot.
Each time before storage for a longer period of time, it is
recommended to clean the furnace exactly and wipe the
incineration chamber with a cloth soaked with oil in order
to prevent it from rusting.
Clean the draught regulator and the chimney installation
twice a year.
In the case when the parts or any modifications in the
electrical system are performed willfully, the warranty for
the device will be withdrawn.
It is recommended to apply only the spare parts
recommended by the manufacturer.
The device must be subjected to regular checks and
maintenance activities performed by an authorised
maintenance employee.
In the case of the failure of the device, the list below may help
in locating a defect. In general its removal is simple. The most
frequent problems are listed below. Digits signify the possible
reasons listed further on in chapter entitled ”Troubleshooting”.
The order of digits expresses the probability of occurrence of a
Always check
a: Voltage
b. Fuel inflow to the incineration plate
c. Chimney flue (see “Installation of the chimney flue”).
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