MASTER WA 33 B скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации (Страница 8 из 26)

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Страница 8 из 26
WA 33 B
The flame goes out just after it is lighted
The pump does not start and the pump performance control
lamp is not lit while setting the switch to position “I” or “II”
after the furnace is heated.
The flame goes out and the pump is still operating.
The incineration chamber rumbles
There is soot in the incineration chamber and in the
The oil which is not fully burnt is left on the incineration
7-9-10 or too much diesel oil at the start-up.
1. Lack of power supply.
Check whether the plug is in the socket and check the fuses.
2. Water or a deposit in the tank.
Clean the tank and the filter.
3. The pump motor does not start.
Check the pump motor fuse.
4. The engine and the pump do not function.
- The fuel is too dense or too cold. Dilute it with diesel oil.
- Check the pump performance control thermostat and replace
it, if necessary.
- Check the motor and see whether the pump is not dirty inside.
5. The connector conduit is clogged, the oil returns to the
tank via the overflow conduit.
Clean the connector conduit or replace it, if necessary.
6. The fan thermostat did not reach an adequate
- Wait until the furnace cools off and start it again.
- Extend the operation of the
furnace with switch (49) set to
position “0”
- Replace the thermostat (27).
WARNING: Before performing any activities, pull out the
plug from the socket.
7. Insufficient air quantity for burning.
- Clean the openings in the combustion chamber
- Check whether the fan functions properly.
8. Improper draught.
- Check whether the chimney pipe is mounted in accordance
with the recommendations entitled ”Assembly of the chimney
- Check the leakproofness of the chimney system.
- Clean it, if necessary.
9. The chimney draught is too strong or too variable.
Mount the air regulator and adjust it to min. 2 mm W.C. (19.6
10. The chimney draught is too weak.
- Check all the connections.
- Decrease the number of bends.
- Extend the chimney.
- Insulate the chimney pipe outside the building.
- See all the information about the chimney flue in the manual.
11. The safety thermostat does not function property or
does not function at all.
- Reset the thermostat.
- Replace it.
12. The overflow protection is full.
Clean it.
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