WORLD VISION T23CI скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации (Страница 39 из 40)

Языки: Русский
Описание:Цифровой эфирный HDTV DVB-T2 приемник
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Страница 39 из 40
In some region, the digital terrestrial signal may be weak. So you'd better use the antenna in
which the booster was built, for watching the weak signal channels.
Standby light not lit
No signal found
No picture or sound
Scrambled channel
No response to remote
Forgotten channel lock
Forgotten menu lock
The remote control will
not operate your STB
After moving the STB to
another room you find you
are no longer able to
receive digital reception
Possible cause
What to do
Mains lead unplugged
Mains fuse blown
Aerial is disconnected
Aerial is damaged/misaligned
Out of digital signal area
Scart/AV is not selected on your TV
Channel is scrambled
Receiver off
Handset not aimed correctly
Front panel obstructed
Hand set batteries exhausted
(1) The batteries in your remote
control need replacing
(2) There is an obstruction
blocking the signal path
between the remote control
and the box.
The aerial feed former new point
may come through a distribution
system which may reduce the
digital signal now received by the
Check mains lead
Check fuse
Check aerial lead
Check aerial
Check with dealer
Reduce to another channel
Select alternative channel
Plug in and turn on plug
Aim handset at front panel
Check for obstructions
Replace handset batteries
Re-install channels to cancel
channel lock
Contact help line
(1) Replace the batteries
(2) Check that there is nothing in
the way of the path between
the remote control and the
Try a direct feed from the antenna
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